Needle Play Workshop

A comprehensive interactive workshop on artistic and BDSM needle play

Saturday 15th March, 12pm-4pm, Birmingham UK (exact venue details will be sent to those on the list)

Hosted By Daz (T5Tart) and Az (azrayel_) of

After many people asking about workshops on needle play we have decided to take the plunge and organise a workshop afternoon dedicated to needle play.

This event is ideal for couples, small groups and play partners who want to explore needle play or have a refresher if it’s been a while since you played. There will be a practical session towards the end so having someone to poke needles in (or be poked by) is a bonus!

We will cover in the workshop in no particular order…

  • Pre-scene questions and negotiation
  • Placement of needles
  • Emergency procedures
  • What equipment do you need
  • Communicable diseases and the risks
  • Needle sticks and how to avoid them
  • Aseptic techniques and procedures
  • One handed piercing techniques
  • Questions and answers session
  • Artistic needle play demo
  • Practical needle play session

Although this is focused on artistic and BDSM needle play you will find a lot of this information useful for other types of medical fetish play such as skin staples, cuttings, etc.

The workshop is planned for 4 hours with a 20 min break in the middle for a drink, nibble or smoke

We suggest you bring something to eat, especially those who would like to be on the receiving end of some needle play. Sugary sweets are good to have.

The Venue

A well known venue in Birmingham, UK – the exact details will be give to those who put their names on the list

The Cost

The cost is dependent on how many people want to attend – we’ll run the workshop with a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 15 people.  The cost in total for the afternoon is £250 divided between those who attend, so between £17.50 (if 15 attend) and £25 (if 10 attend). A £12 deposit secures your place.

Please e-mail or message the Edgeplay_co_uk FetLife profile to confirm your place and arrange to pay your deposit.

We need to know ASAP who will be attending so please get in touch if you’d like a place!

Your place will be guaranteed when we receive a £12 deposit which will be refundable in the event of too few numbers or us not being able to run the event for whatever reason.

Additional Information

The workshop is 12-4pm on Saturday 15th March

No dress code other than clean and tidy.

We have scheduled this for the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar weekend so that it gives more scope for people coming from far afield to make a weekend of it.

There is the BBB the next day at The Nightingale Club In Birmingham and then the BBB after party.

So why not make a weekend of it?

Please note – the entry cost to our workshop does not  also cover entry to the BBB.