Trillium Locking Plug


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Stainless steel locking plug, suitable for anal or vaginal use.

Once inserted the plug can be expanded to fill the cavity and the padlock can be placed through the spindle to lock it open and prevent removal. Be sure to remove the rubber keeper before expanding!

The closed plug has a 15mm – 42mm diameter blossoming to 60mm.
Overall length : 140mm.
Weighs 730gm.

Padlock, keys and rubber ring provided

For UK orders, these have their own shipping rate of £9, due to the weight and value. For international orders, please contact us first for a shipping quote to prevent your order being kept on hold.

1 review for Trillium Locking Plug

  1. Nikki (verified owner)

    Wow that was not the word that came out of my mouth when this menacing looking object arrived, holy crap was closer it’s weighty and big and cold and metal it fit smoothly and leads you to a false sense of security, then there is that gentle little pull of the stem and omg the feeling of fullness is just so awesome.
    Of course you don’t have to use it just anally it’s just as fabulous vaginally and used with a vibe then the word wow definitely comes from my mouth and omg so worth every penny oh and of course don’t forget you best behave yourself else some deviant mind may just lock it in place.

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