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We have spent many years between us collecting valuable information. In life we never stop learning, in BDSM we continue to learn. We owe it to our selfs and to the people we play with to be reponsible, educated and knowdgeble and to share that knowledge.  


Double Gloving

Needle Data

Needle Sticks

Play Piercing


Wax Play

Branding After Care

Basic Needle Play guide (opens in a new window)

The information presented on these pages is designed to give information on aspects of play that may occur during a BDSM scene. By no means is the information a recommendation or representation for methods of safe play. We present this information to be representative of the risks involved and to encourage people to consider safety. All BDSM play is undertaken at the risk of the participants. BDSM is illegal in many countries and it is up to you to ascertain the legality of BDSM in your country and ensure that you comply with local laws.