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We’re a leading supplier of fetish goods to the BDSM scene. We carry a wide and varied range, with special attention paid to medical play, sharps play and handmade impact toys.

We don’t just sell these goods, we use most of them ourselves. Edgeplay.co.uk is run by edge-players for edge-players and as we explore new ideas and products, the best of what we find ends up on our site.

The Edgeplay family is made up of:

Edgeplay.co.uk (you are here, huzzah!)

Impact-Toys.com (dedicated to our ever-expanding range handmade floggers, whips and dragons)

DSWhips.co.uk (dedicated to our quality singletail whips for performers and hobbyists – totally kink-free)

Contact Us:


01908 766550
07999 543849

Manor house 
Gunby road
PE24  5HT
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