E-Stim Electroplay Safety Warning


The use of Electro Stimulation (E-Stim) units for erotic pleasure (electrosex!) is widely enjoyed by many people, but as with most activities there are some safety considerations. E-Stim is generally considered to be unsuitable for anyone with a pacemaker, or medical infusion device; a heart disturbance; used during pregnancy and it should never be used across the chest (hand-to-hand on the same person counts as ‘across the chest’), or above the neck.

All of our equipment is designed, built and tested to the latest standards (BS60601-15)

We make no claims or recommendations in relation to its use.

We can take no responsibility for any use or misuse of any item shown on this site. All items are sold as novelty devices only!

It is agreed that the purchaser takes full responsibility in law.