Corset Piercing Kit with BCRs


This kit contains everything you need to do a stunning temporary skin corset with ball closure/captive bead rings (BCRs).

Click here for a printable needle play guide.

A 20 ring kit contains:

  • 1 liter sharps bin
  • 3 clean area packs (to create a sterile field to lay out rings, needles and tools)
  • 20 16g (1.7mm) piercing cannula needles
  • 20 1.6mm x 12mm sterile titanium rings
  • Box of 100 medium gloves (latex or non-latex)
  • Box of 125 sterile wound care swabs
  • Box of 100 alcohol pre-injection swabs
  • Bottle of iodine tincture (25ml)
  • Pack of 5 foam swab sticks
  • Sterile disposable pennington piercing forceps
  • Sterile skin marker pen

Also available as a 40 ring kit with the above contents and 20 extra needles and rings.

A 60 or 80 ring kit contains the above with the addition of a second sharps bin, 2 extra clean area packs, an extra set of forceps, 20/40 extra needles and 20/40 extra rings.

If you would like a set of ring closure forceps, there are available as a separate item.

In the 20 and 40 ring kits, you save £0.50 per ring compared to our standard price.

In the 60 and 80 ring kits, you save £0.25 per needle and £1.00 per ring compared to our standard prices.

The only thing we don’t supply in this kit is the lacing! This is because we consider the choice of lacing to be one of the most personal aspects of planning a corset piercing, so we believe you are best placed to choose your own lacing material.

Unlike some cheaper kits you might find, ours contains quality sterile titanium jewelry that is safe for fresh piercings as well as a full range of medical supplies to help you have a great corset piercing experience.

Check out the BME site for some great corset piercing photos

Please note – these kits are made to order, please allow at least 14 days for delivery




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