Mixed Needles


A random mix of needles.

You may have some of the following needles in your pack:

18 Gauge by 1.5 inch
19 Gauge by 1 inch
19 Gauge by 1.5 inch
20 Gauge by 1 inch
20 Gauge by 1.5 inch
21 Gauge by 1 inch
21 Gauge by 1.5 inch
22 Gauge by 1.25 inch
22 Gauge by 1.5 inch
23 Gauge by 1.25 inch
24 Gauge by 1 inch
25 Gauge by 5/8 inch
25 Gauge by 1 inch

While the needles for these packs are randomly selected, if you would like a mix of predominantly thinner or thicker needles, just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate. If we don’t have your preferred sizes available, we will still send out the packs as they are a random mix.

All needles are disposable, single-use and individually sterile packed.




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