Lansky Professional Sharpening System


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Keep your knives keen and well maintained with the Lanksy Professional Sharpening System.


Medium Serrated, Coarse, Medium, Fine & Ultra-Fine Hones, Multi-angle Knife Clamp, Nathan’s Honing Oil & 5 Guide Rods (plus spare clamp screw and guide rod thumb screw)

  • Medium Serrated Hone
    For rehabilitating and reshaping serrated edges but does not sharpen to final edge
  • Coarse Hone
    For producing the fastest cutting edge on all types of knives for home use, woodcarvers, sportsment, butchers and commercial knife sharpeners
  • Medium Hone
    Excellent for keeping a fine sharp edge on hunting, fishing, kitchen & pocket knives
  • Fine Hone
    Produces a razor-sharp edge
  • Ultra-Fine Hone
    A good finishing stone for sharpening high quality cutlery


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