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Sani-Cloth 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Wipe – Box of 100 Product Description

Sani-Cloth CHG is a 70% alcohol + 2% chlorhexidine disinfectant wipe recommended by epic 2 and NICE guidelines for the disinfection of hubs and ports.

Sani-Cloth CHG provides rapid antimicrobial action and excellent residual activity.

  • Provides rapid and residual antimicrobial activity
  • Supports epic 2 guidelines for the decontaminating of injection ports and hubs
  • Chlorhexidine based anticeptics have been proved to be superior to povidone iodine for preventing central venous and arterial catheter related infections
  • 2% CHG extracted off the wipe allows the product to meet the EPIC guidance
  • High quality applicator is soft and highly absorbent
  • Large soft wipe allows the medical devices to be conveniently wiped
  • Pre-dosed disinfectant wipe providing effective infection control
  • Mechanical action aids the removal of soil and provides a log reduction
  • Controlled dosage ensures disinfection for every use
  • Reduces wastage and risk of errors
  • No mixing, no measuring, saves valuable time and storage space



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