Deluxe Sounding Kit


This is a complete set for safer sounding, ideal for those who have tried our starter kit and want more!


  • Set of 8 stainless steel hegar or van buren sounds in a storage case
  • Sterilising solution
  • Iodine tincture
  • Foam swabs x 15
  • Sterile non-latex gloves x 10 pairs
  • Sterile lubricant x 15
  • Sterile procedure packs x 5
  • Sterile syringes x 5
  • Tub of 100 Clinell sanitising wipes

This kit is sufficient for around 5 play sessions, after which the consumables (sterile gloves, lube, procedure packs, swabs) will need to be re-stocked.

So what are all the bits in our kit for?

  • Sounds… for sounding!
  • Sterile gloves… for performing the sounding and handling the sterile sounds!
  • Sterile lubricant… to lubricate the sounds!
  • Sterile syringes… to apply lubricant to the urethral
  • Sterile procedure packs… to give you a sterile field on which to put your freshly sterilised sounds!
  • Iodine tincture… to sanitise the urethral and surrounding area!
  • Swabs… to apply the iodine tincture!
  • Sterilising solution… to sterilise the sounds!
  • Sanitising wipes… to clean working surfaces, hands prior to gloving and skin prior to applying iodine

Please see our tips for risk aware urethral sounding here (feel free to print as a personal reference guide)



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