Wax Play Candles


HAND MADE WITH NATURAL WAX AND OILS: They are made from natural product; soybeans and botanical oils the only additive is the dye to colour. We believe this is equally as important as the burn temperature because a lot of candles contain chemicals which cause burns and bad reactions more than the temperature of the wax itself. Soy wax does have a tendency to set with some frosting, this is unavoidable unless chemicals are added which we don’t want to do, frosting doesn’t effect the melted wax so not really an issue for the purpose of these candles.

LOW BURN TEMP 130F/54C: shop bought non labelled candles can vary and be up to 180f/82c, we feel 130f/54c is a temperature which allows the wax to be hot enough to give the required sensation without burning the skin.

SIZE: The candles are aprox 55g and 100mm x 30mm. Please bare in mind that these are hand made not machine made. The size and shape was designed to make dripping wax easy and effective.

PLEASE NOTE: These are handmade and while we often have them in stock, they may be made to order, please allow at least 14 days for delivery.

If  you  need to let us know what colours you want, you can either abrieviate the colours in the box provided at checkout or when you checkout you can add a paypal note

R-red, DR- drak red, BLK-black, B-blue, A-aqua, P-purple, F-fuschia, L-lilac, O-orange, W-white, Y-yellow, DG-dark green, LG-light green, T-turquoise, GY-grey, BN-brown, FP-fluorescent pink, FG-fluorescent green, FY-fluorescent yellow, FO-fluorescent orange

Please note that the fluorescent colours are NOT the same as UV. Fluorescent candles do NOT react under blacklight but the UV ones will

The rainbow wax play candle pack contains a set of 7 rainbow colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet

New Improved UV Candles available in, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Red, Purple and Blue, in our standard candle size 100mm x 30mm



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